Centralized Reporting and Pricebook: Vintners Distributors Case Study

Executive Overview

HQ: Fremont, California since 1978

Industry: Jobber and Retail

Size: Fleet of 24 tankers and a chain of 124 c-stores

Solution: PDI Enterprise

Business Challenges

  • Reporting capabilities in previous software system left a lot to be desired
  • Lacked a centralized pricebook
  • Reporting limitations made it challenging to pinpoint out-of-stocks, overstocks, or vendor cost discrepancies
  • Limited sales data made it difficult to see long-term trends

Solution Overview – PDI Enterprise

Consistent, reliable data is critical to confident decision making, and we deliver. Our holistic software solution has everything you need to run your entire business while providing powerful integration, end-to-end reconciliation and real-time data.

Every part of PDI Enterprise works seamlessly together and is powered by a centralized database. The result is one version of the truth across your entire organization

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Vintners Distributors saved $400,000 in one year thanks to PDI.

Customer Results

  • Centralized, electronic control of site-level pricing and vendor costs
  • Improved store-level merchandising productivity and accuracy
  • Powerful inventory management keeps the right products on our shelves
  • Bolstered reporting capabilities allow for long-term trend observations

“With PDI, the results are tangible. Having them in our corner makes everything easier.”

– Raman Goyal, Vice President, Vintners Distributors

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