We help you gain a better understanding of your customers through data, so you can build better relationships through personalized convenience store loyalty programs.

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In-depth data and analysis on consumer trends that will impact your business in 2024

 Leverage Data to Drive Personalization

Take control of your customer data to understand behavior, engage efficiently, and increase loyalty. Whether you want to enhance your current loyalty program, refine your marketing strategy, or create an all-new program, PDI can help you build deeper relationships through personalized, customer-centric experiences.  

Loyalty Marketing Solutions

Turn consumers into repeat customers with effective loyalty marketing solutions and promotions. With extensive industry experience and unmatched reach, we help you attract and activate shoppers into your convenience store loyalty program. By utilizing reward points and targeted incentives, you can transform the ways that consumers interact with your business on a continued basis.

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Engaging Loyalty Offers

From your program’s core offer to value-added personalized offers and CPG loyalty offers, our content helps engage your customers at every step of their journey. Upgrade your convenience store marketing strategy by leveraging c-store network scale, proprietary technology, and unique shopper insights to engage more effectively.

Segmentation and Lifecycle Management

With state-of-the-art CRM tools, our engagement platform positions you to deliver personalized experiences. Engage your customers with customized journeys, ongoing innovation, and enticing rewards programs.

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Actionable, Data-Driven Insights

Measure program performance down to each unique customer, analyze basket- and store-level data, and optimize your convenience store loyalty program with cloud-based reporting tools. Use insights to target customer segments for a personalized customer loyalty experience.

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