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More than 250 petroleum marketers rely on our comprehensive financial, information, and inventory management software to automate their fuel business and ensure accuracy from order generation to dispatch and delivery. Try the easy-to-use, self-service tools on our customer portal to reduce the burden on your accounts receivable department.

Optimize Operations and Assets

Effectively manage and maximize profits for your wholesale fuel distribution business with a complete enterprise software solution. PDI fuel management software solutions provide the whole picture of your operations, from competitive fuel pricing to real-time inventory management and analysis. Make confident decisions by leveraging reliable, consistent data. Automate operations and maintain accuracy throughout your order fulfillment process with comprehensive financial data and inventory management software: 

  • Facilitate accurate tank inventory while streamlining back-office operations
  • Utilize a comprehensive solution to simplify and streamline the ordering process
  • Configure contracts, monitor customer compliance, and automatically apply special pricing for qualifying customers

Business Challenge:

Valley Pacific Case Study

  • Valley Pacific—the largest marketer of Chevron-branded petroleum products in California, needed a solution to centralize their data and reporting and also improve their card processing and network settlement system. 
  • Using PDI Enterprise Wholesale, the company decreased their monthly financials close time by approximately three weeks—a 75% reduction. 
  • The company has greatly improved their accounting reports and sales analysis, automated card processing and network settlement, added the ability to manage customer relationships, and improved access to data and custom reporting. 

Business Challenge:

Flyers Energy Case Study

  • Flyers Energy—a wholesale and fuel retailer—needed a centralized enterprise-wide software system to handle their complex petroleum marketing business needs.  
  • Using PDI Enterprise Wholesale, the company is now saving more than $350,000 a year.  
  • The company has automated their reconciling and invoice payments, increased their ability to manage a large number of commercial fueling accounts, and eliminated previously manual tasks to improve operational efficiencies.

Warehouse and Mobility

Get all the tools you need to manage your warehouse operations with minimal effort by using PDI Warehouse and Mobility. Your staff can easily check inventory levels at all warehouses for better inventory management, ordering, and accountability through our Warehouse Mobility Solutions. Flexible pricing rules help you fine-tune customer relationships while simplifying communications through the Customer Service Portal.

  • Easily import and/or export orders, pick lists, vendor invoices, customer statements, vendor payments, and customer receipts 
  • Generate suggested orders based on historical sales and replenishment schedules  ​
  • Support vendor programs such as allowances, rebates, and national accounts 

Propane and Commercial Fueling

Running a successful fuel oil or propane business is simpler and more efficient with the powerful, energy-specific Propane and Commercial Fueling suite of software from PDI Technologies (heritage Blue Cow Software). 

Enjoy a single source of truth that everyone can rely on, bringing critical information into a common, synchronized environment: 

  • Effortlessly manage product, people, and performance with full transparency across your entire operation 
  • Get accurate and timely data on which to base your daily decisions and long-term strategic planning ​
  • Leverage intuitive propane management software designed specifically for energy retailers

Business Challenge:

United Oil Heat Case Study

  • United Oil, a petroleum and fuel wholesaler, needed a solution to streamline their invoice processing and documentation in order to focus on their customer experience. 
  • Using PDI Propane and Commercial Fueling Solutions, the company has reduced their 15-step process down to a single step.
  • The company’s drivers are now able to focus on their deliveries and customer experience rather than processing paperwork, enabling more accuracy and a streamlined experience.

How Tax Automation Resolves Oil and Gas Tax Issues

Explore the latest challenges in the oil and gas industry with PDI and Avalara.

Our Capabilities

PDI Enterprise Wholesale solutions are helping petroleum wholesale, propane, and commercial fueling businesses manage multiple aspects of their store-level operations, from financials to inventory management.

Excise Tax Reporting

Get best-in-class motor fuel tax solutions to process federal- and state-mandated regulatory excise fuel tax forms.

Card Processing

Gain the flexibility of using multiple cardlock operators for managing cards, prices, taxes, credit levels, and billing.


Automate and easily manage everything from simple vendor payments to reconciliations with an industry-specific accounting system that covers every part of your complex business.

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