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Streamline operational processes using a world-class fuel pricing engine to improve price/performance value and maximize your business opportunities.

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Z Energy adopts AI-enabled fuel pricing software by PDI

Your increased success depends on balancing volume and margin.

Maximizing your profitability requires a competitive fuel pricing strategy. We’ll help you capture better data and leverage modern AI technology so you can make consistently profitable pricing decisions.

PDI Retail Fuel Pricing Software

How do you make fast and accurate fuel pricing decisions in an increasingly competitive market? Start with proven software tools that optimize retail fuel pricing in rapidly changing market conditions. PDI Fuel Pricing Retail can give you a competitive edge by:

  • Adapting faster to market changes and site needs through modern AI and machine learning techniques 
  • Collecting and analyzing data in real time to rank sites in a micro-market 
  • Freeing up employees from repetitive, manual efforts to instead focus on pricing strategies and customer experience 
  • Leveraging your store systems through seamless integration to your point of sale, pricing signs, loyalty apps, and more 

Business Challenge:

Applegreen Case Study

  • Applegreen, a convenience retailer, needed a better fuel price optimization tool to ensure competitive, profitable prices at over 400 sites.
  • Using PDI Fuel Pricing Retail, Applegreen automated fuel pricing with a centrally managed program.
  • The company has streamlined processes, improved site-level visibility, and achieved more competitive pricing.
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PDI Wholesale Fuel Pricing Software

To stay ahead in today’s volatile market, you must be able to maximize fuel profits while selling more volume. But how do you quickly and accurately make price changes when managing so much data and a wide variety of products? PDI Fuel Pricing B2B helps you automate your wholesale fuel pricing strategies with an intelligent, dynamic solution for:

  • Efficiently managing diverse channels and pricing methodologies
  • Rapidly pricing spot, rack, and terminal business
  • Optimizing profitability through analytics and better decision making 

EV and Alternate Fuels Pricing

When you’re ready to introduce EV charging and alternative fuels into your business strategy, you’ll need the right data, tools, and expertise to guide your pricing decisions. PDI Fuel Pricing helps you develop your implementation strategy while accelerating your ROI:

  • Leverage machine learning technology to correlate promotions and loyalty opportunities
  • ​Get pricing for non-retail and competitor locations—such as malls, hotels, etc. 
  • Define unique details for onsite EV infrastructure, such as plug type
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5 Ways to Overcome Fluctuating Fuel Supply and Demand

Identify what factors you can control to mitigate their impact.

Our Capabilities

Dive deeper into what’s behind a strong fuel pricing practice, with solutions that help you gain satisfied customers while optimizing your profits.

Elasticity and Competitive Analysis

Leverage sophisticated data science tools for modelling, analysis, and reporting of site elasticity and competitor importance.

Market Observations

Frequently monitor competitor prices while creating effective pricing strategies to maximize your potential profit.

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Event and Disruption Pricing

Increase your ability to prepare for the unexpected and identify how to better predict potential disruptions.

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8 Powerful Fuel Pricing Strategies to Maximize Retail Profits

Transform your business with these pricing strategies.

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