PDI Security Solutions Termination of Service/Disconnect Request Form and Transfer of Ownership Form

Termination of Service/Disconnect Request Form

If you are terminating a Service or Order, please download and fill out the Disconnect Request Form linked below. Do not use this form if you are transferring site(s) to a new owner as submission of the incorrect form may cause Services to be interrupted. For those requests, please use the Transfer of Ownership Form instead.

All requests to terminate/disconnect Services require a 30-day advance notice. Any Disconnect Request submitted prior to expiration of Customer’s current Order Form Term will be subject to the disconnect/early termination fees as described in Customer’s Agreement with PDI or its Affiliate. A Disconnect Request for a primary circuit will also result in disconnection of any back-up circuit and other services associated with the service location of the primary circuit.

As per your Agreement all disconnect requests must be submitted via email to pdiss.svc.ordersbilling.mb@pditechnologies.com.

Download Disconnect Request Form >>

Transfer of Ownership Form

Please download and fill out the Transfer of Ownership form linked below. Use this form rather than the Disconnect Request Form if you are transferring your site(s) to a new owner.

The Transfer of Ownership Form must be completed and signed by both the Seller and the Buyer. The Seller will be responsible for all charges until PDI receives the completed Transfer of Ownership Form and all necessary paperwork from the Buyer. If, by the next billing cycle, PDI has not received the necessary paperwork from the Buyer, Services will be terminated and the Seller will be liable for a final month of Services together with all early and other termination fees as specified in the Seller’s current Agreement for Services. In addition, any equipment not purchased by the Seller will be required to be returned to PDI.

Transfer of Ownership forms must be submitted via email to pdiss.orders@pditechnologies.com.

Download Transfer of Ownership Form >>