PDI Loyalty Playbook: Mobile App Best Practices

Today’s convenience stores are not just fuel retailers, CPG retailers, or quick-service restaurants—they’re all of that and sometimes more. The most successful c-stores continue to invest strategically in mobile apps to boost their consumer engagement opportunities.  

Unfortunately, many are unsure how to unlock the full potential of their mobile apps. In this session, Rovertown Co-Founder and President, Jeffry Harrison, dives deep into three successful c-store mobile apps, reveals how those retailers achieve results, and shares insights on how you can be bolder by thinking outside the box.  

In part three of our PDI Loyalty Playbook webinar series we cover several mobile-app-related topics, including:  

  • Understanding how mobile apps have evolved—and what that means for your business  
  • Exploring strategies and unique tactics that drive successful results  
  • Optimizing your app for all customers, not just loyalty members, to grow your loyalty program  
  • Identifying common mistakes that retailers make with mobile apps  

Did you miss the first two webinars in our PDI Loyalty Playbook webinar series? Don’t forget to watch part one: Loyalty Program Best Practices and part two: Offers and Rewards Best Practices. In these webinars, PDI experts cover everything in the PDI Loyalty Playbook from new plays to power your loyalty game to best practices for your offer strategy and rewards programs. Ready to upgrade your loyalty game? Contact us today 

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