PDI Loyalty Playbook: Offers and Rewards Best Practices 

In part two of our Loyalty Playbook webinar series, join PDI Consumer Engagement experts to learn best practices for your offer strategy and rewards programs! We highlight the proven types of offers that work in c-stores and share campaign calculators that help you with budget forecasting and ROI analysis.   

In this Loyalty Playbook webinar we cover several offer-related topics, including:  

  • Overall offer strategy  
  • Offer types and configurations that increase engagement  
  • Ways to leverage PDI Offer Network and your own Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) relationships to fund offers  
  • Formulas to improve offer forecasting, efficiency, and ROI using PDI’s new Loyalty Calculator

In our first webinar Loyalty Program Best Practices, we introduced the Loyalty Playbook, providing recommendations from some of the most successful loyalty programs in the US. If you haven’t seen the initial webinar, be sure to watch it here

In part three of the series, Mobile App Best Practices, our partners at Rovertown joined us to discuss common mistakes retailers make with mobile apps and help you better understand how to drive successful results with your own mobile app. You won’t want to miss this one! Watch the webinar here. 

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