Get to Know the Latest PDI Offerings—Featuring New POS Solution

With an increasing number of consumers prioritizing financial value as a key purchasing decision, efficiency and cost savings have become primary objectives for fuel and convenience retailers. As a result, retailers are doubling down on digital transformation—investing in innovative technologies that help them adapt faster to changing consumer behaviors.

As a core part of the fuel and convenience ecosystem, PDI remains at the forefront of the industry’s technology evolution by delivering new solutions and collaborations designed to enhance agility and productivity.

Attendees at NACS Show 2023 in Atlanta, GA will get the first look at some of these new offerings at the following booths on the Expo floor:

  • PDI Booth #B3419
  • C-Store Essentials Booth #B3615
  • PDI Skupos Booth #B3823

With the common objective of “Connecting Convenience,” these new offerings promote better consumer engagement while boosting enterprise productivity and delivering flexible new options to strengthen network security. These updates include:

  • PDI Point of Sale (POS)
  • PDI Firewall as a Service – Small Branch
  • PDI Retail Site Management Subscription
  • PDI Sustainability Partner Packages
  • PDI-Jolt collaboration
  • PDI-REPAY collaboration
  • Skupos acquisition

PDI Point of Sale (POS)

PDI is expanding its cloud-centric, hardware-agnostic, all-in-one POS software solution complete with mobile POS, self-checkout, and foodservice capabilities for availability in North America. This flexibility combines everything retailers need to onboard service providers, manage payments, send payouts, and perform a wide range of other tasks.

The versatility of a configurable user interface enables the system to support multiple use cases—including kiosks, queue-buster tablets, and self-service drive-through ordering—all on the same hardware. With more deployment flexibility and virtually unlimited scalability, the PDI POS solution helps fuel and convenience retailers revolutionize their POS systems to:

  • Expand customization points
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Achieve higher levels of reliability

PDI POS pilot programs are currently in development in the US, with wider availability planned for 2024.

PDI Firewall as a Service – Small Branch

Now available for small branch retailers, the PDI Firewall as a Service offering increases network security at a highly cost-effective price point. This flexible offering delivers robust firewall capabilities for smaller distributed businesses, including:

  • Proactive monitoring by PDI security experts
  • Access to a 24/7 help desk and online management portal
  • Automated LTE wireless failover to help avoid business disruption

This next-generation firewall also provides content and web filtering, along with intrusion detection and prevention to help secure business-essential networks.

PDI Retail Site Management Subscription

From foodservice to lottery and much more, PDI Retail Site Management helps c-stores efficiently scale by automating manual processes and increasing access to a rich trove of data. Now, retailers can leverage all these capabilities in a subscription-based pricing model that gives them even greater financial flexibility.

PDI Sustainability Partner Packages

PDI is offering four new subscription-based sustainability packages to help businesses meet their sustainability goals and address growing consumer preference for sustainable solutions. Each package includes Certified Carbon Offset Projects, Local Community Impact, and Annual Certificate features.

Additional options are available in specific packages, including:

  • PDI Sustainability Partner Package
  • PDI Sustainability Partner Recognition Package
  • PDI Sustainability Partner Recognition and Promotion Package
  • PDI Sustainability Partner Recognition, Promotion, and Activation Package

PDI-Jolt collaboration

PDI has expanded its relationship with Jolt to help retailers overcome their day-to-day task management challenges across sites. In particular, this collaboration helps retailers improve their operations by increasing staff efficiency with new tools and services.

With the goal of driving better outcomes across sites, retailers can help ensure accountability with compliance reporting and exception noting down to the site level. Key benefits include:

  • Implementing task accountability features that provide insight into site-level staff behavior
  • Driving staff excellence to improve store appearance and customer satisfaction
  • Building sustained habits to help ensure tasks get done on time, every time

PDI-REPAY collaboration

PDI is working with REPAY to facilitate the outsourcing of Accounts Payable (AP) payment processing in a way that subsidizes associated fees. For example, retailers often want to float payments, but suppliers want faster cash remittances. Allowing REPAY to negotiate payment terms helps ensure a win/win outcome for both parties:

  • For no additional cost, vendors are paid the way they prefer—by Virtual Card, ACH, or physical checks
  • Retailers using PDI Enterprise Accounts Payable can reduce payment processing fees and eliminate check printing, mailing, and ACH processing

Skupos acquisition

With the recent acquisition of Skupos, PDI has expanded its reach to 25,000 independent c-stores in the US. The Skupos platform empowers more effective relationships and more profitable retail by connecting smaller c-stores with Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands far beyond the historically segmented industry ecosystem:

  • CPG brands can access scan-data insights on independent sites at a much broader scale
  • Independent retailers can access more national and regional CPG offerings and programs

Visit PDI at NACS Show 2023

You can meet with PDI experts to learn more about these new products and collaborations at NACS Show 2023. Be sure to visit PDI Booth #B3419 in Atlanta, GA from October 4 to 6.

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